Sunday, March 23, 2008

Problem Solved

It took a few minutes but I found the fuse box and happily discovered that my dash light problem was due to the blown fuse. Ferrari had been kind enough to supply spare fuses so problem solved.

In looking for the fuse box I also discovered the CD player. I thought the car had one but as I don’t listen to music in the car I had never looked. For future reference, the fuse box on a Ferrari 355 is in the luggage compartment on the driver’s side right behind the headlight assembly. It is not under that odd little bump in front of the windshield. To get to the fuse box you have to remove a carpeted cover. It is held in place with bolts that don’t look like bolts. They look more like something you would pull on to release not turn. You have to turn them. Once you remove this cover you see a bunch of wires, connectors a weird machined aluminum block with metal tubes coming out of it and a plastic cover. The fuse is under the plastic cover. There are two nuts that hold it in place.

Why am I telling you this? Because the owner’s manual does not. It simply says fuse box in luggage compartment with a diagram of the fuse box. The diagram has to be held upside down to line up with the fuses. I really love the idiosyncrasies of this car.


nonvegan said...

As a former Ferrari owner (hopefully not for long), may I offer one comment?

Please consider keeping it.

Ferraris aren't really *for* anything. Objectively, I think the other cars i've driven could have easily outperformed my 348TS. There is something to be said about that little cavallino logo on the steering wheel, however. Good luck in your adventures with the beast!

David said...


Thank you for you comment. I think you are completely correct. I spend an incredible amount of time trying to figure out how I can keep the car.

Hope you end up in another F car soon.