Monday, March 17, 2008

Skipped the F1 party

I did not attend the F1 group viewing at Ron Tonkin GT. I have several reasons for not going; first and foremost I would rather spend time with my wife and kids. I also don’t like being involved in group activities, especially group activities where there is little dissent. I doubted there would be a rabid Renault or McLaren contingent present. So, I stayed home.

I think 2008 will be a fantastic F1 season. The removal of traction control will make driving skill even more important and the races more exciting from a spectator’s perspective, probably from the driver’s perspective as well. The movement of Alanso from McLaren to Renault will let McLaren put their full force behind Hamilton and will give Ferrari drivers, Raikkonen and Massa two teams to worry about not just two drivers. Further, BMW was looking good towards the end of last season and it would be nice to see a manufacturer of pedestrian cars succeed in F1, even if they had to buy Sauber to get there.

Consistent with my new phase of ownership I have begun an investigation into the engineering of the 355. I am going to start with the engine. That will be the next post.

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