Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snow in March

More working than writing recently and no drives in the Ferrari since last weekend. I almost went out for a spin one evening during the week but it was cold and smelled like rain. If I had a bad knee I expect it would have ached.

I am just over 20 days away from my driving school track day. When I signed up I made the decision to go rain or shine. I am hoping for good weather but would probably learn more if it rains. We will see. I signed up for the driving school for several reasons. In no particular order they are:

To not look like a total dork on my first track day
Learn to be a better sports car driver
Gain a better understanding of the cars limits
Get to use the car for what it was designed
Have fun
Have something else to write about

I think that’s about it. As I sit today writing I am not worried about damaging the car. I know I will significantly wear the brakes and possibly the clutch but OK. After having owned the car for a few months I have a new appreciation for Ferrari’s build quality and the durability of the car. When I brought it home I thought I had to treat it like it was made of papier-mâché but it is a solidly built wonderfully engineered car. Sure, maintenance is expensive but you are maintaining a highly tuned exotic engine which is just a nod away from being a race motor. Further, the maintenance proscribed by Ferrari is preemptive not reactive – aimed at keeping the car running in top form.

Yesterday I was working in Wilsonville and had a chance to stop in at Gran Prix. As they grow into their role as Lamborghini of Portland they are getting more and more Lambos in their show room. Not a bad thing. There was a dull grey LP 640 on the floor. What a fantastic thing. Not enough room for someone my size the cockpit made the Ferrari seem spacious.
The picture is from my Tundra just after a fill up. Hey only $73 to drive 10 miles not bad.

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