Thursday, March 6, 2008

So they have another use.

Today at lunch John, my business partner, and I were discussing my disappointment with the “driving around town” Ferrari experience. We talked about my frustration at having this marvelous tool but not being able to use it and that in many ways just looking at the car in my garage was more fulfilling than driving it to the grocery store.

John, who ended up being on a roll with insightful comments, said, “That explains why people collect these cars and seldom drive them.” Sorry if I did not get that quite right John but I think the intent is there.

Driving the car in every day circumstances highlights the cars flaws and detracts from the pleasure of owning it. In short it is better to leave the car in the garage, take a look at it now and then than it is to drive it to work or the grocery store.

So Ferraris have another use. Paint and a masterpiece both cover your walls, a Prius and a Ferrari both get you to New Seasons. Ferraris are works of art with a motor, seats, and wheels. BUT, you do not need to drive them to enjoy them. I think this is explains the unusually low mileage of most exotic cars. I am sure there are some folk who are comfortable driving the cars every day and in all situations, folks who appreciate driving the car and do not become frustrated by being unable to deploy its potential. I am not slighting these folks. They are better balanced than I and probably better balanced than most Ferrari owners.

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