Monday, March 24, 2008

This is all NonVegans Fault

I am trying to figure out how I can keep this car for more than a year and not invalidate my original thesis. I think it is acceptable for me to keep the car for a few extra months if by keeping it I can increase the selling price by more than the cumulative extra monthly payments. My guess is the car will sell for more at the beginning of summer than the middle of winter. Now, I won’t get to drive it much during that time but it does delay the moment I have to sell the car and allow me extra time to think of another compelling reason to keep it longer.
That is not entirely honest. I am trying to figure out how I can just keep the car.

I had thought I would be around my parking space problem this summer as we had planned to remodel our house and were going to add enough space to the garage to hold the Porsche, Ferrari, and minivan comfortably. With the parking taken care of I would be one step closer to keeping the car indefinitely. Unfortunately the bid for remodeling the house was too high and we would have out built the neighborhood so no extra garage space. We will have to move soon to accommodate some family needs and plan on building. I want to incorporate a large garage/shop into the new house but it is at least two years away.

I am also trying to balance my desire to have other exotic cars, probably Ferraris, with my current financial reality. I can’t have two and keep the kids in school and the wife at home. If I want a 360, 575, or Gallardo the 355 has to go or I have to radically change my income. The problem is I really like this 355. I think it is a great example of a great car. If I sell it and get another I am worried I will be disappointed and want this car back. I bet I could sell it to my dad or a friend for a year with the hope of getting it back but then they would be disappointed. No good.

When I started this project I was interested in understanding my reaction to a self imposed loss of something I like. Knowing the car would go after one year has made my ownership experience pressure cooker like where introspection is concerned. If I subvert this process and keep the car how much damage do I do to this process and the interest of the book I plan on writing? My guess is a bunch.

Further, I am still infatuated with the idea of a track car. Either Ferrari or Porsche. I contacted the guys who modified my 911 and asked them to keep their eyes open for a 911 track car but I not so secretly want a 355 Challenge.

Here is the wonderful part of all of this. All are great choices. I might end up with a 355 Challenge. I will get to go test drive cars on tracks and have to trailer it home from where ever I buy it. Or, I might end up with a 360, Gallardo, or other exotic. Probably ok. I might just keep the 355. I might end up with only my 911. I might end up with a 911 track car. Based on past experience I tend to change my mind every few seconds I might end up with something completely different. While, they are all great outcomes I will be sorry if the 355 leaves my garage.


nonvegan said...

Indeed, I accept full responsibility. A couple of more comments if I may?

I have also entertained the idea of tracking an F-Car. I won't bore you with the details on your blog; lets just say I was talked out of taking my 348 to an AutoX. When you consider a track car, you must ask yourself, "Am I willing to leave that car balled up at the track?" My previous track cars before the F-Car were M cars. What replaced the F car after I sadly parted ways with it was an EVO IX. I was more than willing to drive the heck out of all of them, save the 348. Now, the Ferraris are meant to be driven and driven hard! I would just feel really bad if I ran into a tank slapper. I'm sure you would as well.

Now if you had two...

In all seriousness, my hats off to you for even considering tracking it. They are meant to be driven like that, it's part of the intangible and fun of a Ferrari. It will snowball from there; Skip Barber and Bondurant will be your standard family vacation every year. You'll shop for racing seats, a nice set of track tires.. You'll even consider doing the 3 year service yourself! Do they have super lap or Time Attack at PIR? Maybe club racing? =)

Oh and don''t worry- when I get another gig,you can bet I'll be looking for another 348, an 89 of course.


David said...

I hate to admit it but I have been thinking about getting a second Ferrari. This from someone who has only owned their first Ferrari for a few months.

There are a number of 355 Challenge cars on the market at what seem to be decent prices when compared to 911 based race cars.

I completely understand the fear of turning a beautiful work of art into some very expensive origami. I have signed up for a high performance driving class in mid April and may take another before my first solo track day in July.



nonvegan said...

I'm new to the whole state. Are you taking an HPDE at PIR?

David said...


Prodrive ( puts on a series of classes at PIR. I chose the full day High Performance Driving in your own car and asked for an instructor who is also a Ferrari club member.


nonvegan said...

Looking forward to your post about your track day. Soon you'll be thinking of ways to get more and more seat time!