Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back to work

I spend significantly more time sitting on my bike trainer looking at the Ferrari than I do sitting in the Ferrari looking at the road. Today I did both. Finally, good weather in Portland. I almost wussed out and drove the Porsche. Not sure why. I think I was a bit intimidated to drive the Ferrari. I was also worried about parking it in the garage at work. I hid the car between two decoys, a Honda and a Subaru.

The parking lot attendant in our garage likes the car. The first day I had it I drove it to work.

“How much did this car cost?”

“Not as much as you might think.”

“It is new?”

“No, a 98.”

“Looks like a new car.”

“Tell me, how much did you pay?”

“Just over seventy thousand.”

“Seventy thousand for a car! You can buy a house for less than that.”

Now he tells people the car is his. He lets them take pictures but not get to close.

“Get away from my car.”

I could not ask for a better guy.

Every other time I drive the Ferrari to work the “SLOW DOWN” light comes on as I drive home. I think the car is trying to tell me something.

“Don’t drive me to work, what do you think I am? A sedan? A minivan? I deserve better than

Anyway on the drive home the slowdown light came on at almost exactly the same spot where it appeared the first day I had the car, and the only other time it has come on. Literally, within ten feet. Maybe it does not like that particular set of coordinates. The light went off within a few seconds.

Today I took the car on a long drive through the country. While driving I thought about the sacrifices I am making to have the car. I feel like I have to work more and harder. While I bounce back and forth between keeping and not keeping the car I always feel I have to pay for it. To make matters worse, I hate debt so paying for it means writing a check. I am sure there are many Ferrari owners who were able to simply write a check for their cars without any problem. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. For me to write that check I have to work a lot harder. Even when I am in “sell the car” mode I am still working harder.

The other sacrifice has been in time on the bike. For many years I have been a bicyclist. Now I have to choose, drive the car or ride the bike. Today I chose drive the car even though I had just come from a bicycle race my company helps sponsor. To make matters worse working more also cuts into riding time. I miss being on the bike but have a hunch that driving the car on the track may, just for those moments, compensate.

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