Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Even getting touch up paint is fun

This morning I was in NE Portland for a meeting with a client. I was close enough to Ron Tonkin’s Ferrari Dealership that I decided to stop by and see if they had any touchup paint for the 355. I have a love hate relationship with the paint on the car. The color is great and the paint beautiful on the surfaces that do not have to face any road debris. However, the lower hood, fronts edges of the front fenders, and mirrors have taken a beating. My 911 has 78 thousand miles on it. It has far fewer paint chips than the Ferrari with 51 thousand fewer miles. The paint on the 355 is amazingly thin. Don’t get me wrong it is not poor quality; it is not a bad paint job. It is just thin paint.

Every other day I admire the ethic that creates such a beautiful, purpose driven machine then, instead of covering it in an inch of deep lustrous paint applies just the thinnest of veneers. Beautiful paint does not make it go faster or turn better.

The thin paint gave me an excuse to go to Tonkin. It looks like a previous owner tried to touch of a few chips with the wrong color of silver. I understand I had the color wrong to start with too. Steve was working, called their service center, found me some paint and had one of their guys drive it over. In the mean time we looked at a F40, 599, and 456 that were parked in their garage and a Radical that was on the showroom floor. I have not seen an F40 in person in several years. What a fantastic car. It is the embodiment of a sports car distilled to its barest functions. The utter lack of leather and carpet, of any nod to comfort or fashion make the car what it is. A tool designed to go really, really fast.

After chatting with Steve I drove to their service center and talked to one of the guys there regarding the fuse on the 355. “Bring it to us, we will fix it.” was his recommendation. I think that probably what I will do. I doubt my ability to quickly find the short or problem and don’t want to end up with pieces of the Ferrari spread all over the garage.


Aniket said...

The paint is purposely thin to save weight. Ferraris weren't known to use coats of paint on their cars. You'll be amazed at how much paint the paint on a car weighs.

David said...

I am sure you are right. Even with the thin paint Ferrari did a great job making it look nice.