Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ferrari 355 Camera Mount

Today I fashioned the camera mount for next Wednesday’s Drivers Ed/Track day. I abandoned my initial idea to mount a bar between the rear windows and affix the camera to the bar even though I had already purchased a spring loaded bar which fit between the rear windows. It was not a bad idea but I feared I would not be able to keep the camera level and the ProDrive folks might not approve it for use on the track.

My next idea was much better but required more work.

Not an unusual combination. The glove box on a 355 is between the seats at about shoulder level. It is held in place by three bolts. I removed the glove box and fashioned a mounting plate using which made use of the brackets for the glove box. I covered the mounting plate in a black felt fabric which matched the black carpet in the car. An adjustable arm bolted to the mounting plate allows me to position the camera where I want it. The installation looks nice, my opinion, and is very solid. I wanted to test it but today it was snowing and hailing for most of the day. Spring time in Oregon.


nonvegan said...

Being born and raised in Hawaii, and a newcomer to Oregon, I love snow!

Have you tried any of the local SCCA folks for a camera mount? I love cabin video, but i would forego the camera and get one of these babies:

or use a camera and a telemetry system!

I've seen all sorts of crazy mounts at autoX, though, YMMV.

David said...

That is very cool. The price dose not seem bad eihter. Have you used one?


Glad you are enjoying the weather.

nonvegan said...

I've been in instructor cars during "fun runs" at autoX equipped with Traqmates. Very cool. I was considering some sort of data acquisition, it does help. (If you've ever seen the episode of "Top Gear" with Jackie Stewart and James May, you know what i mean..)