Monday, April 28, 2008

Ferrari Value Forecast

I should write about not being interested in going really fast but instead I am going to gaze into my crystal ball and add my two cents about Ferrari pricing. I have noticed a few common themes on web sites dedicated to Ferraris. One of the most heated is the forecasting of future values of the cars.

Here is my projection. Some will go up in price. Most will go down in price until they hit some magical plateau, which currently seems to be just around the price of a nice Camry, then slowly follow inflation back up. Some cars will depreciate more slowly than other. Some cars will appreciate more quickly. The collectible cars are already astronomically expensive, rare, and unless you are really lucky, unobtainable.

Not much help huh.

I don’t think there are any great Ferrari values out there right now. 355s, 360s and 430 are all depreciating. 348s going down but not as fast. I take that back. I think 348 and 355 Challenge cars represent a good value. 348 Challenges seem to be selling for slightly more than their road going cousins and 355 Challenges for slightly less. You see the same with 360 Challenge cars but I think they will continue to depreciate. I figured I would lose some money on my car. For me, it’s not an investment. It’s a car. It's a car that provides significant enjoyment value per dollar spent.
Money well spent.

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