Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fuse still blown

The fuse I replaced last week has also blown. Is it correct to say a fuse blew? Not sure. In any case the instrument lights still do not work. To add insult to injury the lid that covers the gas cap is no longer popping open. To open the gas lid you push a button on the central console, a little pin retracts, and a spring forces the lid open. The lid on the Ferrari now requires a bit of coaxing to open. My hunch is the spring not longer has the spring to open the door. I cannot find just the spring for sale. I can buy the entire hinge assembly for $72 but I would like to try to fix it myself before just replacing the whole thing. I don’t think the electo – magnet (Ferrari’s term) is bad because the pin holding the door closed is retracting the door just does not pop open.

Back to the fuse. The instrument lights are on the same circuit with the license plate lights. Since it appeared to be a lot easier to check the license plate lights than remove the instrument panel I started with them. No luck. I was hoping to find a frayed wire partially welded to the rear bumper. Nope everything was in good shape. I took the time to clean all the sooty exhaust buildup off the bulbs, lenses, and bracket, but still have an electrical problem somewhere.
A bit of online research points the possibility of a grounding problem with the ground for the instrument panel lights. Unfortunately the ground appears to be located behind a vent with no convenient or even inconvenient access from below. I can get to the ground by removing the vent or the instrument panel. Neither seem like good options to me. I am toying with the idea of calling Dick Gutherie at ADT and asking him to fix it while I play spectator. I know the saying about mechanics charging double if you get to help. Given the number of questions I would ask double seems reasonable.

When I was at the gas station on Tuesday having the Ferrari filled up a fellow walked up and commented that “Grigio” as a great color on the car. He had just purchased a Maserati Quattroporte in black.

“So you have a Ferrari, what are you going to get next?” he asked.

“Good question and something I have thought a bit about.” I said. “I have driven a Gallardo, but not doubt it would be a good next car.”

Frankly, I don’t know what I will get next. I think I will cycle through a series of cars, but there is a problem with owning a Ferrari. Most other makes are a step down.

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