Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to finance a nasty sports car habit

I had a good idea. I went to the Ricambi site, found the parts catalog for a 5.2 Motronic 355 and looked up the part diagram for the license plate light. Ah ha. A wiring diagram. Well kinda. More like a top view of the car with some lines that show the routes of various wire bundles. Anyway the wire I am interested in runs from just above the license plate around the engine on the passenger side then behind the passenger bulkhead to the center tunnel. From there it runs under the ashtray and up into the dash.
Maybe I nicked the wires when I was installing my new ashtray. After I tucked the kids in I went into the garage, set up my shop light, we have terribly weak lighting in our garage, and took the ashtray out. No luck. The wires are well below and too the side of the screw that holds the ashtray in.

Uncle. Ron Tonkin it is all yours. I surrender.

I have been thinking about different ways of financing my sports car habit. I am toying with the idea of starting a business which makes carbon fiber bits for Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis. Not gaudy dash covers or speaker grills but functional pieces that improve the performance of the car. That’s not much of a business plan but you get the idea. The business supports a couple of my interests; cars and manufacturing and allows me the opportunity to play with a bunch of interesting cars and interact with interesting people.

I don’t want to stress my current company with the growth or profitability goals necessary to support my habit. I would rather risk a breaking a new venture than breaking a successful little company.


nonvegan said...

The best Ferrari saying is (to paraphrase)
"If you can buy one, you can afford two.".

Agreed. I would not sink a company, and the people that depend on it, or my family's need to eat on Scuderia crack.

You could always get into selling nice older V8 and V12 F-cars...

David said...

I thought about that. If I could talk my business partner into it we would probably be campaigning a challenge car. But, fortuntately, cooler heads would prevail.