Friday, April 25, 2008

I have been driving too fast

When I drive too quickly on the road I feel guilty. I will have a funny feeling in my stomach and tell myself I am not doing that again. Please understand. I drive slowly on the street. I don’t take silly chances, speed, or show off – usually. I remember about two years ago I was driving our 911 down a nice road by our house, having fun. Top was down, it was sunny. Great day for a drive. I came around a bend and there was a photo radar station. No chance to slow down. My speed flashed up on the screen 39 MPH. Uh oh I thought. Until I noticed the posted speed limit was 45. I was going six miles per hour under the speed limit. You get the point.

After my time on the track I have an even greater appreciation of how dangerous driving on the road it. Traffic is coming at you, people drive too close to one another, people talk on phones while driving, and the road surface is uneven. Add all that up and you have a dangerous, uncontrolled environment. I left the track with a greater appreciation of how little change in road surface affect handling. How unexpected patches of water, gravel, or uneven pavement effect the balance and control of the car.

I admit to having a few corners by my house that I like to go through quickly. In hindsight I was lucky each time. No soap box. Just a new found respect for speed, balance, and all the variables that effect control.

A note to end. When I left the track I had not guilty feeling. I felt great. Going fast in a controlled environment is loads of fun. I did drive in the slow lane the whole way home to re-acclimate myself with regular speeds.

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