Monday, April 21, 2008

New Improved Camera Mount

Added an extension to the camera mount today and, based on my checks through the view finder in the garage this should do it. The camera lens is just below my eye level or just about where most drivers would be. I checked in with the folks at ProDrive to ensure they had no camera restrictions beyond SCCA rules – the framework I used – and they did not. Should be perfect to capture my driving greatness. Probably going to capture a bunch of embarrassing moments as I tiptoe around the track like the old, cautious person I am.

My guess is it will rain on Wednesday. There goes my “never in the rain” claim that so many owners make with exotic cars. Well since that claim will be out the window, Barb and I took the car out yesterday and got caught in rain, hail, and snow. It was beautiful when we left the house, five minutes later, rain, then slushy hail, then snow, then rain, then sun. I admit I was uncomfortable. I can’t tell you why. When I wash the car it gets wet. I have driven it in the rain before. I even drove it once when it was snowing. Why does this bother me? It does seem to bother the car. Just after the rain started the “SLOW DOWN” light flickered briefly. I have read that one common cause of the “SLOW DOWN” light is dampness interfering with the sensors attached to the catalytic converters. I hope this does not impact my track day.


David said...

This is a comment sent in by NonVegan.

Sorry I was unable to edit so I copied the post and put it here.

NonVegan said "Get the Slow down light checked. It could just be the sensor for the Cat, or worse, the Cat itself. The newer ECU's (1990 and up ) will actually shut that bank of cylinders off.

Also, consider a fire suppression rig for the engine bay and of course, an extinguisher for the cabin."

Good advice. I am planning on taking the car in to the dealership this week or early next to have the short worked on. I admit to being confused by the nature of the slow down light. Only flickered on during three drives. Each drive was slow and damp. Each time it came on the car had been under 4k for the whole drive and all temp gauges looked fine. Regardless, you are right it needs to be checked out.

I had not thought about the fire suppression system. Also a good idea. Would you do it on a car that is only going to see sparse track time?


nonvegan said...

I would recommend a fire suppression system for any car that you intend to track, even if you just get a small extinguisher.

Hopefully, its just the sensor going bad on the cat. Sometimes moisture gets into the sensor, causing the slowdown problem.