Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The next Ferrari

I was planning a trip to Wilsonville today to help a client. I arrived at the client site a bit early, about three hours early actually. I forgot they don’t open until noon so I made a side trip to Lamborghini Portland, formerly Gran Prix Imports to see a 430 coupe they have in stock and kill some time. I have only sat in one 430, right at the beginning of my quest for a Ferrari. I was smitten by that car, months ago. I was equally smitten today but, being a jaded Ferrari owner, by different things.

A 430 is a Ferrari for Americans. This is code for a Ferrari bigguns fit in. The seats are supersized, softer and much wider than the seats in my 355. What more the bolsters adjust to allow someone of my width to fit in the car. Even at the widest setting I don’t fit between the bolsters of the 355. There is plenty of room in the 430 for my knees and noggin. Maybe the numbers 348, 355, 360, 430, 456, 550, and 612 secretly relate to pant size. I can’t fit in a 348 but if I skip breakfast and exhale I can squeeze into my 355. 360 no problem, 430 room to grow. I bet I could eat at Mortons three times a week and fit in a 612.

Visually, I like the front and rear of the 430. I know that sounds odd but the nose and tail of the car are stunning. The middle is not bad either but not remarkably different than the 360. The tail of the car is more evocative of past Ferraris than the 360. I appreciate designs that build upon a historically precedent. I think the 430 does this more elegantly than the 360.

I have been thinking about my next Ferrari. If you remember the fellow at the gas station asked “So, what do you get next?” When I first contemplated buying a Ferrari I admit I thought it would be a one year fling then back to the Porsche. Now I bounce between keeping the 355, buying a new Ferrari, or selling the Ferrari and the Porsche and just driving my truck. The last sounds extreme but why go backwards? After the Ferrari I don’t think I want a “lesser” car. Unfortunately, lesser means just about all other cars, so I may just keep the truck. The if I can’t have it all I don’t want anything strategy.


nonvegan said...

You mean you want the 348, right =)

David said...

I wish I was svelt enough to fit in a 348.