Sunday, April 13, 2008

A reason not to buy a Ferrari

Do not buy a Ferrari if you are bothered by people you don’t know starting conversations with you about the car, the brand, and Ferrari history. If you do buy a Ferrari, study a bit. You will feel better being reasonable able to answer questions and you will have some interesting conversations with people you would otherwise not meet.

If you are an unmarried woman looking to meet men. Buy a Ferrari. The past few times I have driven the car guys have walked up and started talking with me about it. Drive a Ferrari to Home Depot or the grocery store, your trip will take twice as long as it should, and you will have a nice conversation with complete strangers.

I need to get away from paying homage to the car but looking at it today under cloudy skies it was absolutely beautiful. The color reflects the gray and graphite blue in a way that brings out the light blue hues in the paint. It looked fantastic. Better than on a sunny day. While red or yellow Ferraris are certainly showier I think silver is the color for me and possibly the best color on a 355.


nonvegan said...

Aw. I thought I left a comment...

David said...

Hey nonvegan,

You did comment on the above post. If that is not the comment you are referring to I apolgize. I have heard from several people that comments don't get posted.

Its not me. I promise.


David said...

Ok nonvegan,

It took me a while but I had not had my second cup of coffee yet.

No, a reason is not strictly necessary but if you needed one...


nonvegan said...

Must be the looming track day!

nonvegan said...

I figured I try again before I forget.

(all of this happened to me..)

Do not buy a Ferrari if:

You mind people slowing down on the freeway to get a good look at the Ferrari.

You mind people speeding up on the freeway to get a good look at the Ferrari.

You mind total strangers taking pictures of the Ferrari as though she was a supermodel..

You mind total strangers taking videos of the Ferrari on the freeway. (see 1 and 2)

You mind pedestrians or other fellow drivers yelling, "Open her UP!", "Floor it!" or making accelerator gestures with their hands.

You mind cars revving their engines at you at a stop light.

You mind jokes that reference Mustaches, Aloha shirts or "Magnum, P.I." in general.

You mind topsiders, unconstructed pastel sport coats or other "Miami Vice" jokes.

You mind questions about what you do for a living.

Do buy a Ferrari if:

You don't mind any of the above.

You bought the Keychain first, knowing the car would follow.

The sound of a flat plane crank engine negates the need of a stereo.

You know you're just taking care if it for the next "Piloti"

You're already planing the 2nd one. (a V12)

You don't mind full engine out 30k Mile service, and plan to do it yourself, next time!


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