Monday, April 7, 2008

Vanilla Wafer Pudding

Inexplicably my tinkering with the dash and license plate bulbs has fixed the sticky fuel lid. I know the two systems have nothing to do with one another. Well, I think the two systems have nothing to do with one another and I cannot fathom how my messing with the dash or the lights would have any effect on the fuel lid but it now works perfectly. So, my efforts were not completely in vain.

Today I tried a new approach. Kevin, the 360 owner I went on the wine country drive with, suggested removing all the bulbs, putting in a new fuse, and adding bulbs until the fuse blew. This way if the short was in one of the bulbs I could find it and replace the bulb. I had already put the dash back together so I tried this approach with the license plate bulbs. No luck. However, motivated by Kevin’s more thoughtful and scientific approach I tried the exterior light switch in different positions. The fuse will not blow immediately if the exterior lights are off. This leads me to conclude that the short is between the lights and the relay. Maybe.
If you notice a sudden increase in the stock price of companies making fuses you know what is causing it.

After my lack of success with the electrical problem I decided wax the hood and front fender. I purchased a bottle of Zymol last week and have been slowly working my way around the car. I did not think different brands of wax would have such a large difference. I used good wax before but you can see the difference. Further, Zymol smells like banana vanilla wafer pudding. I love banana vanilla wafer pudding but ate too much when I was young and have not been able to eat it since. Luckily the smell brings back only fond memories.

Let’s talk about writing for a moment. I have written just over 41000 words and think I have a good template for the chapters in the book. I will take a crack at writing the chapter about searching for the car. I don’t think this will be the first chapter but one whose content should not change dramatically between now and end of this experiment.

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