Monday, May 5, 2008

Blown off the track by a Subaru

When I did my track day I was blow off the track by a Subaru. I could not keep up through the turns or one the straight. The guy in the Subie was a better driver and his car was faster than mine. The guy was flying. It was fun watching him go by. I was the slow half of the slowest car/driver combo on the track. I did not expect this. I expected to pass somebody. In the end everyone in my group passed me. I could make excuses, first time on the track, didn’t want to hurt the car. Truth is I am just not, yet, a good enough driver to get quickly around the track. Another truth, one which was driven home after driving the 911TT, the 355 is not super fast. Peace gentle reader. It is a super car. It is faster than any human deserves. Its way more car than I can handle. But there are plenty of faster cars available, many of which cost less than an engine out service for the Ferrari. What is funny is that it is harder to admit that there are faster cars than the 355 than there are better drivers than I.

In the experienced group there was a spec Miata. The car was flying through the turns. It was absolutely fantastic to watch the driver pick a perfect line and carry far more speed than I could through turns. I know I want a track car but I am no longer considering a 355 Challenge. Too much car for me. I think a Miata, old 911, 914/6, Subaru, or Evo would be great and more than enough car for what I want to do.

I forgot to factor the write off of the monthly payment into my analysis a few posts ago. As you know I used a line of credit against my house to pay for the car so I can write off the interest. It reduces my cost of money by about 40%. So my real cost for the car minus my discretionary stuff is $1930 or about $4000 for the year. I have another financial trick up my sleeve but I am not quite ready/willing to describe it.

By the way I am now able to take the Ferrari to any gas station that is convenient to fill it up. I have broken my dependence upon the station by my house. This is a good thing as I hope, pending spousal approval, to take the car on the Ferrari clubs Walla Walla wine country tour, and doubt I could make it on one tank.

Here is my ending thought. Why does my insurance not cover me when driving on the track, a controlled environment where I am 100% focused on driving but will cover me if I happen to wrap the car around a tree on the way home from work when I am distracted by talking on the phone while sending a text message? I wouldn’t do that but you get the point.

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