Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do Ferrari Owners Wave?

Do Ferrari drivers wave to other Ferrari drivers when they pass on the road? When I bought my Porsche I realized that other Porsche owners waved. Not all of them, only 911 owners and only the air cooled 911s at that. Sure a 997 owner or Cayman owner will wave every now and then but if an air cooled car goes by a wave is almost guaranteed.

I was running an errand on Saturday and crossed paths with a 430 Spyder on Humphrey. I waved he did not. Now he may not have seen me or noticed the 355. He was doing his best Schumacher impression and had that I am in the zone look. Maybe Ferrari owners only wave at similarly numbered cars and the owner of the 430 did not want to be reminded of the humbler DNA in the Ferrari family.

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