Monday, May 19, 2008

Ferrari gets a spa day

The Ferrari goes in for service on Wednesday. Honestly, I had expected to make it through the year without having to take the car in. I am going to take the car to the dealership. I felt their response to being able to find the short better then GPIs. Might just be being sold, who knows. While the car is in they are going to look at the sensor on the catalytic converter, I think it is the one on the right side, to see if it is causing my intermittent “SLOW DOWN” light warnings. I don’t expect anything major to be wrong with the car and I hope I do not have to eat those words in two day.

I did not drive the car much over the weekend, only one trip to the store with my youngest. She kept saying “Dad, I think you are going too fast.” So if you were driving around Portland on Sunday afternoon and saw a Ferrari going below the speed limit, probably me.

The picture is of a car I saw parking in the lot in front of our office last week.

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