Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ferrari Road Tip - Step 1

I decided to go on the Walla Walla trip sponsored by the Ferrari Club. I have several reasons for deciding to go. First, my year is half over and if I spend the summer driving around Portland it will be the same thing over and over. Second, Barb and I have wanted to visit the Walla Walla wine country. Third, I think a road trip like this, over 600 miles, will give me some good stuff to write about. Fourth, there will be lots of other Ferraris there.

I thought the only hitch would be arranging babysitting for the weekend but Barb and I have over a month to get sitters in order. So, last night I called the host hotel.

“Hi I’d like to make a reservation for the 27th and 28th for the Ferrari Club event.”

“Let’s see. Their block of rooms are sold out and there are no other rooms available. Sorry, good bye.”

Ouch, the other hotel is the Holiday Inn Express. I have nothing against Holiday Inn Expresses. When I traveled for business I used to stay in them but it seems an inappropriate place to stay for a Ferrari Club weekend. I know that’s a bit snobby but there it is.

I decided to look for a bed and breakfast. All of them were sold out. With my tail between my legs I checked with the Holiday Inn. Sold out. What is going on in Walla Walla that makes it so popular?

I found one place with rooms. A yoga spa about seven miles outside of town. I hesitated a moment and when the screen refreshed one of the rooms had been booked. I grabbed my credit card and booked a room. When I told Barb thought it was perfect. I even agreed to try a yoga class with her. If anything the extra flexibility will help with getting in and out of the car.

So, my summer road trip is planned.

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