Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ferrari's are unique

If I were shorter I would be unable to sell this car. Driving it is a beautiful experience, like drinking a great wine.

The 911 turbo was not beautiful to drive. It was dead. Sure, its faster than the 355 and probably handles better but does faster matter? Does better handling matter? At this level of car faster and better handling are paper specifications. What matters is the driving experience. The Ferrari does if for me. The 911 did not. I will still own a 911TT but after the Ferrari it will be a distant second place. I think it is these same feelings which have kept me from being too excited about the Lambo. Great car, really fast, but not a Ferrari. It did not have the same ballet dancer, first growth, absolutely refined, designed by genius, not compromise, feeling the Ferrari does.

How about this. Instead of one year with a Ferrari I do a Ferrari a year?

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