Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ferraris belong on tracks - last track day post

Ferraris belong on tracks.

The car was perfectly at home being wound up and thrown into corners. It felt right to have the car on the track where it feels out of place to drive around downtown or on the freeway. I would venture to say the car ran better when kept between 4 and 8 thousand RMPs during each session. I have talked to other Ferrari owners and mechanics and they echo this sentiment. The cars work better when run hard. Not abused but run hard.

I will take this a step further. I can understand people buying Ferraris as mobile works of art or status symbols but please, please, drive them on the track. It’s what they were made for. You bought the car you owe it to yourself to drive it on the track.

The “SLOW DOWN” light did come on once during my last session. It had been raining hard, the track was wet and it rained during the session. Not once during the dry sessions did the light come on. One reported cause of the “SLOW DOWN” light is moisture affecting the sensor read out. I am pretty sure this is the case with my car. Temperature gauges never went beyond normal. The light only came on when it was wet. None the less, when the car goes in to fix the short I am going to have them reseat the sensors.

I have been thinking more and more about the cost of owning the car. Might be because I am roughly half way through my one year. I had not estimated the amount of discretionary expense I would have. I did not have to buy any of the stuff I did or sign up for the track day but what would a Ferrari ownership experience be like without a track day or Ferrari driving shoes? Make a note, if you are thinking about getting one of these cars be prepared for some additional expenses. Helmets, track days, shoes, trinkets, club dues, etc.

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