Saturday, May 31, 2008

Four solid hours of Ferrari stuff

Today was a lot of fun. One great part of owning a Ferrari is talking about them with enthusiasts, even better if the enthusiast is an owner. Kevin, the 360 owner I went on the wine country drive with brought his car over today. The original purpose of the visit was to get Kevin’s opinion of the benefit of refreshing my seats with Leatherique. Kevin had treated the seats on his 360 and the results were remarkable. After looking at his seats I think I will take the time to remove mine and treat them.

The seats in my car are in pretty good shape but the leather is not as soft as I feel it should be. The leather on the seats in Kevin’s car are very soft, buttery. If I can achieve that same result I will be happy. I think I may try it after our Walla Walla trip.

Kevin has been giving me a bad time about how dingy the shift knob on my 355 is and brought some polish so we fixed the dingy shift knob, it looks much better polished. I now have the Dansk micro fiber polishing cloth that came with the exhaust for my C2 in the glove box for the 355.

I must say, there are few cars more classically beautiful than a red Ferrari 360 with a tan interior. Kevin’s car had me thinking about my next Ferrari before he had it parked in the driveway. I have not had a chance to drive a 360 since I have owned the 355 and Kevin had not driven a 355 so a trade was in order. I enjoy sharing the car with friends. It gives me a new perspective on the car and allow a friend to have some fun. Listening to Kevin compare the 355 to his 360 was fun and informative.

A 360 can absolutely be my next Ferrari. The car is beautiful to drive. You can feel the ethic that created the 355 in the 360. It’s refined, it’s bigger, more comfortable, but the ethic is the same. The steering in the 360 is a bit heavier but more direct and positive. I must admit I like the throttle response in my 355 better but the seating position in the 360 is far more comfortable for someone my size.

Finally, how do you beat driving a red Ferrari on a sunny afternoon? I am sure there are ways but they may be illegal.

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