Thursday, May 1, 2008

I cheated and got away with it.

I cheated on the Ferrari today. I drove a 911(996) twin turbo. I think I will be able to get away with it since I drove our 911 cab to work today. All 911s smell the same.

If you like cars you must drive/own a Ferrari, a 911 TT, and a Lamborghini. I am sure there are others I will need to add to this list but as it stands now the big three are must haves.
I have been pondering the “what next” question and decided to take a look at a 911 turbo after watching one fly around the track. This is truly an impressive car. The acceleration made me seasick. It felt like my insides were all fighting, trying to see who could be first to get to the back seat. The car seemed to pull harder and harder as it accelerated and the turbos spooled up.
Certainly this 911 was faster than the Ferrari but it did not feel as refined and was not as engaging to drive. Brutish where the Ferrari is subtle and graceful. What I found interesting is when you are not on the gas the car was docile, quite and comfortable. I could drive it easily every day. Take the kids to school, pick of groceries. It masquerades as a Lexus.

While at Gran Prix I sat in a Lotus Exige. It took some considerable contortions but I was able to get into the car. The word car is wrong. Go cart with a sexy shell is probably more exact. Once you get in the thing there is plenty of room. I was worried I would be unable to get out without injuring myself or the car. I imagined they might have to melt several pounds of butter and shake me out.

I think I got away with it. When I got home I parked our Porsche in the garage and walked breezily by the Ferrari. Acting like nothing was up. Before I drive it next I will change clothes and shower.

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