Monday, May 12, 2008

I fit in the Radical

I sat in the Radical. My hips are too wide for the seat in the car but seats can be changed. It was exciting to sit in. To get in the car you remove the steering wheel, step over the sill and onto the seat. From there I suspended myself from the roll bar and slid my feet in. A tight fit to be sure but I fit.

The car seemed a bit rough. It is a race car after all but I have no feeling for how things should be priced. RTGT wants 26 and change for the car. Don’t know. I will think about this for a bit.


NonVegan said...

Found it.

David said...

Fantastic video. I have not seen that one.

I will have to have a Radical some day and so much for putting a big turbo on Barb's minivan