Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is there a "right time" to buy a Ferrari?

Is there a “right time” to buy a Ferrari? I doubt this is universal but I think some times are more right than other. For instance, if I could have had the Ferrari I have now at age 18 or 20 that would have been pretty great. I was less practical, more interested in attracting attention, and more limber. Also, when I was 18 I was always driving somewhere and it was usually somewhere interesting. Now, drive to work, drop the kids off at school. Prius work. I bet the next “right” time for me to own a Ferrari is right after my youngest goes to college, a scant 10 years from now. Max will probably still be living with us but Barb and I will be able to get rid of at least one of our normal cars and I (or she or both) can have a Ferrari as an everyday driver. I am looking forward to that time.

Not that now is bad but I would really like to drive the car every day. Unfortunately, it is too impractical for my sensibilities to drive the girls to school in one car, drive home get the Ferrari, drive it to work, then drive home if I have to go visit a client.

I have been thinking about the next Ferrari. The one in between the daily driver and the 355. I am thinking about a 575 or a 612. The 612 will need to depreciate a bit more before I am comfortable spending that amount on a car but the 575s are getting into what if you squint you can call an acceptable price for a car.

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