Thursday, May 29, 2008

June is Ferrari Month

June will be a good month for Ferrari stuff. I have two track days planned and the road trip to Walla Walla with the Ferrari Club. I might add a trip to the Portland Historic Races. The Ferrari Club, as do most car clubs, has an opportunity to get in for all three days of the event and do parade laps. I think my daughters would enjoy going around the track and a parade lap seems the best (safest) way to accomplish it.

I went to RTGT on Tuesday night to watch the Monaco Gran Prix. Fantastic race. Watching F1 cars navigate a circuit like Monaco in the wet with no traction control really showcases the skill and finesse of the drivers. While I was there Steve (a RTGT guy) told me their track day was coming up and asked if I wanted to reserve a spot. I dithered then told him to count me in. Why dither? Well I already had a track day planed on June plus the road trip and possible Historic Race. A potential overload of Ferrari stuff. Why not go? I bounce back and forth between keeping the car and selling it. The opportunity to attend the Ferrari of Portland track day is a great one. Sounds like they put on an excellent event and provide driving coaches to each attendant, I know I can use some more driver training. Having two sessions of coaching before my solo drive at the GPI track day can only be good.

I plan to film this track day and compare my speed, line, and composure to my first track session.

While at RTGT I noticed this car. I had seen it there before. In my eyes this is one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s. Subtle and sophisticated. I love the color, both interior and exterior. My Porsche has a blue interior. At first I did not like it so much. Now I think it is fantastic.

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