Friday, May 2, 2008

More lessons

During the driving course I knew it was going to take more than one day for me to become as proficient a driver as I imagined I was. I am the kind of person who will obsess over the thousands of small elements which combine to make a lap around the track. I will analyze my performance, identify errors and find ways to correct them. I don’t want to become more proficient to take up racing. I don’t want to think about racing, for the next few years I have enough on my plate.

I do want to become more proficient in getting around the track. I was not as smooth or as fast as I had imagined. With one track day under my belt I now have an idea of where I am weak. Braking, turning, balancing the car, shifting, all need work. I am pretty good at picking the right line and going down the straights. Further, I now know the limits of my car are far higher than I imagined. I don’t know where they are just they are not where I thought.

So, more instruction. More focus on getting through transitions smoothly, more focus on getting around the corners quickly. I am going to promise myself to listen to Tony. When he says “get on the gas” I am going to get on the gas.

Change in subject. I have been thinking about some of my original reasons for buying the car. Specifically, my goal of stretching my horizons. I am not. I have grown too comfortable with the car. I did not expect the car to change who I am or what I felt was possible but to help push me out of my comfort zone. In a way the car is a physical manifestation of a desire to expand my horizons.

Keeping with an automotive theme. How has my reality changed if at the end of my year I sell my car and go back to driving the truck? I am having a hard time explaining what I mean. Think about weight lifting. For the past 10 years you have been bench pressing 200 pounds. One day you say, “I am tired of bench pressing 200 pounds, I want to bench press 300 pounds“ and you do it. Every day there after you bench press 300 pounds. What is lost when you return to 200? Shouldn’t you go to 400 or 500? Why go backwards. The car was part of effecting a change in my life. A change, a tiny component of, which was me, being able to drive whatever I wanted. I have not achieved this yet.

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