Monday, May 26, 2008

No more SLOW DOWN light

The Ferrari was finished on Thursday but I did not have a chance to pick it up until Friday. When I dropped the car off and described the “SLOW DOWN” light activity I was having the service manager recommended replacing all the ECUs that monitor the temperature in the catalytic converters. He was unsure of the price, thought they were around $600 each. I said to go ahead and fix it. They were going to look through the codes on the computer and see if they shed any light on the problem and said they would call when they had three hours of labor into trying to fix the short.

I received a call Thursday around lunch time. They were unable to get the fuse to blow! No matter what they did the fuse was fine. We discussed the diagnosis I had done and the short I had experienced, and tested with my multimeter, and they decided to spend a bit more time tinkering with the car. The cat ECUs were the source of the “SLOW DOWN” light and they were replaced. Good news, they were only $305 a piece. About $20 cheaper than I could find online.
The car was finished that afternoon. They had found the cause of the short, a corroded connection, and fixed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an easy way to pick it up so they kept if for me overnight. Friday Barb gave me a ride down to pick the car up just after lunch time. It was raining gently, perfect Oregon spring day.

Total bill, 1372.23. They charged me for ½ hours time to diagnose and fix the short. Amazing. I probably spent 4 or 5 hours taking the car apart looking for the problem. I am glad I took the car to Tonkin for service. They took care of one service campaign which and not been done and checked the car for any other problems. Not only did they do a fantastic job but now the car is beginning its history with the local Ferrari dealer which I think will be a benefit when I go to sell it.

Please let me brag for just a moment. When I picked the car up one of the service managers commented that several people had remarked on the color and condition of the car and I should have no problem when I was ready to sell it.

I had no choice but to drive the car for the rest of the day. I could have taken it home but why? Tonkin had done a fantastic job cleaning the car. It looked better than when I bought it. Unfortunately, it was raining but the inside still looks great. Traffic was stop and go on the freeway back to the office. Steam coming off the engine caused the rear window to steam up on the outside. What a great car. I don’t want to sell it.

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