Friday, May 16, 2008

Not really in the club

Do you really join the club if you know you are going to sell your Ferrari after one year? Sadly, the answer is no. Sure, it looks like you are in the club. You have the car, the shoes, maybe a shirt and hat. You have a sticker for you Toyota that tells anyone who looks closely you are not an average commuter. But you are not in the club. You have only sipped the Kool-Aid.

That’s how I feel. I am getting the Ferrari experience, sure, but I am not a local. I have not burned the ship. With the next Ferrari I am going to burn the ship. While I might not keep if forever I want my next Ferrari to be a long term relationship, not a fling I know is going to end. Committing to selling the car in a year is a double edged sword. On one had the limited time helped convince Barb it was a good idea and made the car much easier to afford. The short time frame has motivated me to compress many fun activities into a short amount of time. On the other had it has kept me from becoming too attached to it and to the whole Ferrari lifestyle. I won’t buy a signed portrait of Enzo for the garage because he would not like to gaze upon our minivan.

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