Saturday, May 10, 2008

Track Car Plan as of 5/10//08

How about this as a plan, I sell the Ferrari, sell the Porsche and buy a track car. I am going to try that on for size. I have been thinking about what I really like to do with cars. Drive them. To really drive the Ferrari and to do it safely I will want to be on the track. But, it is a pretty expensive track car. Further, and I checked with my insurance provider just to be sure, I am uninsured when on the track. I spoke with my agent at length my policy has a clause that, and I will paraphrase, if your car is on a race track you are uninsured. If the car where parked on the track for a car show and someone backed into it I am not covered. Before you ask, no I am not covered if I am doing a driver’s education class if it is on the track.

I did not expect to be covered when driving on the track. But if I want to drive there 10 or more times per year I think it would be best to have a car which will not become a $70,000 Italian paper weight if I crash it. This is an unexpected, for me anyway, twist in my one year with a Ferrari experiment. Get a Ferrari, drive it around, drive it on the track, really like driving on the track, sell Ferrari and Porsche to get track car.

I am going to run down to Ron Tonkin today to see if I fit in the Radical R3 they have for sale. Not sure if this is the right choice. Curiously, I am not worried about selling the Ferrari. I am bothered by the idea of selling the Porsche. When you get right down to it the Porsche is the first real sports car I have owned. My search for the 911 lasted over one year and I bought the car as a birthday gift for myself. I imagined giving it to one of my daughters as a gift, not selling it.


NonVegan said...

Now you're talking!
Ariel Atoms are nice too

David said...

Thought you might like it. An Atom is on my list of have to have someday cars.