Monday, May 5, 2008

You cant just drive a Ferrari around

With summer almost here I am looking forward to having more frequent fun with the Ferrari. While I am no longer quite so squeamish about driving it in the rain I would rather drive it in the sun. More importantly, the kids are out of school. I won’t have the pleasure of dropping them off each morning. I will be able to drive the Ferrari. I plan on using the car as a daily driver for several weeks.

When I drive the car mundane places people say, “You can’t just drive a Ferrari around.” Why not? I know I complained about taking it to the grocery store but I am past that now. Why not just drive it around? Sure you risk scratching it or having some overzealous teenager rear end you but one year with a Ferrari you do not drive is not so interesting. It would be a lot cheaper to buy a big poster.

Anyway, this weekend I let a friend drive the car. This is an experience any Ferrari owner, or person who really likes their car, should have. Share the car with someone else. I know what I think about the car. It was interesting and gratifying to hear someone else, whose opinion I value, say the same. More importantly, if you like driving, driving a Ferrari is a wonderful experience, an experience which is almost as fun to share as it is to have.

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