Monday, June 23, 2008

Ferrari needs a new radiator

The little drips of blue Kool Aid turned out to be from the radiator. Not from a leaking hose. It had a tiny crack in it. My first impulse, to be honest my second and third impulse as well, was to have the dealer smear some JB Weld on it or send it to a radiator shop to have it brazed. I resisted this impulse and Tonkin is overnighting a new radiator from somewhere. I spent a bundle of money on Ferrari stuff today. The radiator is about $1400 and the new steering wheel column is $300.

I hope whoever gets this car next appreciates all the repairs. At my current pace I will have replaced every part on the car.

Amazingly, I am below my estimate for repairs for the year. I expected to have some and mentally set aside some money to pay for them. If I keep to my initial plan I have about five more months with the car and my repair budget, judging from past performance, should be right on.

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