Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How do I get there?

When I was at RTGT for the F1 race there was a group of young guys, fifteen – eighteen, half my age who came into the parking lot and were taking pictures of the cars parked there, mine included. I have already written about this. I know they were thinking, “How do I get one of these? What did those old guys in there do to be sitting, surrounded by Ferraris, drinking wine, eating pizza, and watching F1?”

Imagine you are swimming in the ocean, against the current, trying to get to an island. On the island there are beautiful women, beer, chips, warm sand, beach chairs with cup holders. You make it to the island. It’s exactly what you saw when swimming. It was worth it to get here. Then you hear the music. Across a choppy straight is another island. There are beautiful women, fantastic wine, fois gras, and little cabanas. Hmm, I can make it there. Then there is another island. Even more beautiful women, private jets, 61 Lafite. It never ends.

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