Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have to sell it

I was going to keep the car. I knew it was dishonest and not the best ending for the book, but I was going to keep it anyway. Why? Because, I like it. Sure, there are things I dislike about it but the dislikes shrink and grow transparent when I am driving it. What a great car. Still, it has to go at the end of my year with it. At first I had steeled myself, I wouldn’t get attached to it. Like when you were a kid and your dog had a litter of puppies. You knew your parents were not going to let you keep them. You knew you better not give them names, secretly identify a favorite. You did anyway. Same with the car. It’s got a name, it’s my favorite.

This experiment is supposed to be the Ferrari experience in a pressure cooker. Part of the experience is parting with the car.

New radiator is in. Drove the car home from service yesterday afternoon, warm sunny day, with a kid in a truck filming the car driving down the freeway. I understand why and honestly appreciate his appreciation of the car. I would have done the same at his age, I might even do it now. The repair was about $1450, not too bad for what was done. Certainly more than I wanted to spend on maintenance but reasonable for removing a radiator, overnighting a new one from somewhere, installing it and dumping in fluids. The professionalism, service, and attention to detail at Tonkin’s Ferrari service center is fantastic. They knew I needed the car ready for the trip on Friday overnighted parts and got it finished in time for me to, hopefully, get my steering column surround installed today. If not I drive a car that looks like I stole it to a Ferrari club event.

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