Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I like the Ferrari - but just

Minds function in interesting ways. I am, of course, assuming that your mind, my mind, most human minds function in pretty much the same manner. Last night I was entertaining thoughts that bubbled up out of the ether and into my consciousness. One thought was on the nature of liking or disliking something. It seems to me there are few things, people, or even ideas which I like or dislike completely. I may like some aspects of something but dislike others. I tend to say I like something when the aspects I like outnumber or are of greater importance than those things I dislike.

I believe this thought was brought about as I was considering my Ferrari experience lately, aspects of which I like others I don’t. As I was cataloguing my experience I began to have increasingly negative feelings towards the Ferrari or more accurately my decision to buy it. My catalogue had started with the negative items, repair costs, melting the steering column surround, imperfections in the paint, etc. Without conscious decision the more positive aspects of my Ferrari ownership began to appear. While considering the negative aspects of ownership one facet of my mind was planning the rapid sale of the car, estimating how much too ask and how long it would take to sell. As positive experiences filtered in that same part of my mind began the calculations on how to keep the car.

Ultimately, I decided I there is more I like about the car than dislike.

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