Sunday, June 22, 2008


After my success with the vent I decided to tackle the lower plastic piece that covers the steering column. It had significant scratches around the ignition, where previous owner had missed the keyhole and scratched the finish. I was expecting this piece to be pretty easy to refinish. The car is going into the service center tomorrow for a once over before the trip to Walla Walla but I figured I could have this piece refinished and back in the car by tonight.

Turns out that not all the interior pieces of a Ferrari want to be refinished. As I was removing the sticky stuff covering the plastic on this piece I thought “too bad it’s all scratched up in one place the rest is in very good shape.” Then it started to melt. This piece must have been made from some formulation of plastic which was different from the air vent. It melted. Not all the way, well, not all the way when I last looked at it. What’s more it melted onto my hands. Took about 5 minutes of good scrubbing to get it off.

So tomorrow the car goes in for service looking like I stole it. Hopefully they have one in stock or I will have to have an order rushed from Ricambi.

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