Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Post track day thoughts

I am ready to sell this car. That was my thought leaving the track day on Monday. Sure my brain was mush, I was scared to death driving on the freeway after leaving the security and sanity of the track, my reason for being ready (different from wanting) to sell the car had little to do with those feelings. I accomplished one of the things I set out to do when I purchased the car. Drive a Ferrari on a race track. After the Pro Drive day I was hooked on driving on the track but I did not feel like I “drove” the car on the track. I went around the track, I went kinda fast on the straights but I did not really drive the car. This time I drove the car. Room for improvement sure, tons of it. I am not saying I am competent or good at driving but I felt comfortable with my knowledge and ability.

I decided that unless I keep the car I won’t drive it on the track again. I don’t think I am abusing the car I just don’t see the value. I have a much greater appreciation for the cars limits and don’t feel the need to test them again. This is not to say I don’t want to drive on the track again. I am still interested in getting a track car but that’s another story.

With the exception of the parade lap I forgot to turn my camera on. I was disappointed to realize this as I would have liked to compare my performance to my first track day. Yes, the pictures of me passing other cars would be nice too.

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