Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday I went to a car show. Tomorrow I am going to a track day. Like I said, June if Ferrari month for me. The show was at Gran Prix Imports. I needed to get a helmet for the track day tomorrow and used being out as an excuse to take a nice drive to GPI. I got the wrong type of helmet. I knew it was the wrong type. I bought it hoping I was wrong. Nope, wrong kind. There were quite a few impressive cars at the GP show. It stuck me that most were exotics and most of the exotics were Lamborghinis. I have not been to a car show in some time and expected more hot rods. I guess this should not surprising as they are now the local Lamborghini dealer but I did not expect to see so many. There were several Porsches, Cobras, Aston Martins, and two Ferraris. My favorite car was a Panoz AIV Roadster. I have always liked those cars.

I don’t have proper car show etiquette. I am not really interested in chatting with owners about their cars. Sorry, but that just does not seem so interesting to me. That is not to say I don’t understand why people find it enjoyable but it’s not for me. I used my time to observe the flow of spectators and owner around the cars. When something impressive would show up, a yellow Lamborghini with a loud exhaust the crowd would flow in its direction. By and large people moved clockwise through the displayed cars. I wondered if they would have moved in a different direction if we were in the Southern hemisphere.

I spend Saturday morning installing the new interior pieces I had purchased. Took a bit longer than I expected but turned out really nicely.

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