Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tar Pit

I laud Ferrari for their ability to make each model of Ferrari its own thing while retaining a fundamental Ferrariness. All the Ferraris I have driven have obviously shared DNA. But why, why for over 10 years have Ferrari used interior pieces that turn to goo? The plastic pieces in my 355, interior door handles, switches, vents, shroud around the steering column, and ashtray lid are all covered with the rubber like substance that is trying as hard as it can to turn into the La Brea tar pit and my car is in good shape! I had assumed that the sticky plastic part was one of those little benefits for 355 owners but no, 348s get to experience it as well. Guess what, so do 360s. For some reason Ferrari continued to use the stuff through three model years. I would be willing to guess that 512s, 356, and 550s from the same years also benefit from this choice.

Why? It is obvious the first second you run a fingernail, button, cufflink, anything across this surface that it is not going to last. I am not sure how it works to improve the performance of the car. Why use it for so long? Does Ferrari own drums of the stuff?

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