Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Three events

Last week I was stopped by some road construction in front of our office. There were two flaggers stopping traffic. They were about fifty feet apart and there was a backhoe between them digging a narrow trench across the road. When I pulled up there was a line of six or seven cars waiting on the other side and only me on my side. The fellow holding the stop sign looked at the car, walked up and leaned over so he could read the hood ornament. He leaned over and read it again then yelled at his cohort across the intersection, stopped the backhoe and waved me through.

When I got to the parking garage our parking attendant thanked me for returning his car and said he would keep a good eye on it and chase away folks trying to take pictures of his car. When I left work that evening he had parked the golf cart he uses to by the Ferrari so no one else could park beside it.

When I was at Ron Tonkin watching the F1 race a group of kids came into the parking lot and took pictures of the cars parked out front, including mine. I have never parked the car somewhere and watched people’s reaction to it. It is a guilty pleasure to have a piece of pizza in one hand a glass of wine in the other and watch people gawk over your car. I thought about the kids taking the pictures. I am not fully sure how to approach this topic but at some level, in some way I have become one of those people I envied as a kid. Or better said, I appear to have the same stuff and lifestyle as those people I envied as a kid.

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