Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wow Much Better

What exactly is a “good” use of time? With caveats a “good” use of time is using it to pursue an activity you find pleasurable. For me a good use of time this afternoon was taking the driver’s seat out of the Ferrari and conditioning the leather. Did it need it? Probably not but it was a nice excuse for Max and I to spend a few hours in the garage together. I had planned to take out both seats but the passenger seat is stuck in the furthest back position. I have posted a question asking how to get it un-stuck on Ferrarichat. I found 53 cents under the driver’s seat and am willing to split whatever I find under the passenger seat with the person who provides the best, right, or most entertaining answer.

I must admit to being a bit disappointed to find only $.53 under the seat. Sure there was some of the plastic sheeting that was put in the car when it was shipped but nothing interesting. I was hoping for a bag of dope, a Playboy, something interesting. I think I will hide something in the car for a later owner to discover.

I purchased a bottle of Leatherique and used it on the dash with some success. It does a nice job of restoring the leather. After seeing the results Kevin had with his seats I decided to do the same. Right now the Ferrari is sitting in the garage with only one seat and plastic wrap on the dash. I treated it again.

Taking the driver’s seat out was easy plus I fit in the car much better without a seat. Made me think pretty hard about putting a racing seat in as they take up a bit less space. With the seat out I rubbed a bunch of Leatherique into it. It noticeably darkened the leather. Looks much better. Before it looked less Bordeaux, more Pinot. I wrapped the seat up in plastic wrap and will let it sit overnight before I remove clean off any residue and put it back in the car. If I cannot get the passenger seat out I will treat it in place. It would be easier to do out of the car but oh well.

No dips of coolant to report. No, I don’t think it healed itself but without a drip or two it is hard to tell where it is coming from. I will keep an eye on it and plan to take the car back to Tonkin for a final once over before driving it to Walla Walla.

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