Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting ready to sell the Ferrari

Today, with several reservations I started the sad process of selling the car. Really, I am just dipping my toe in the water, trying to determine the price. I looked on FerrariAds to check asking prices. There are probably 25 355s for sale ranging between $82,000 and $110,000. Interestingly, the coupes seem to be slightly higher priced than the sypders. I had been thinking of asking around $75,000 for the car. It is hard to tell the condition of some of the cars on FerrariAds as the pictures are too small to provide the necessary detail. As far as I can tell there is only one other 355 for sale in Oregon. It is yellow, has fewer miles than mine. The owner is asking $95,000.

I had a chance to look at a few other 355s during the Walla Walla trip. My car is in as nice if not nicer shape than all but one of the cars there. The nicest car was a red 355 with a factory carbon interior. Really nicely optioned, well kept car.

With the maintenance history, condition, and recent interior upgrades I have made I think the car will be easy to sell. I may be wrong but I think the color combo will make it easier to sell rather than harder. There are lots of red, yellow, and black Ferraris.

I plan to send out an email, I will include a copy on the blog, to a group of people who have expressed interest in the car or may know of prospective buyers. I am not quite ready to send it yet.

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