Saturday, July 5, 2008

I will trade the Ferrari for...

It has been almost a week since we returned from Walla Walla and almost a week since I have driven the Ferrari. I thought about driving it this week but my truck proved too comfortable. I am not a person who does well in transitional stages. If something is about to end, I want it to end, I don’t want to wait. I annoyed Barb a bit Sunday morning in Walla Walla. She had envisioned a relaxing morning, reading the paper and drinking coffee. I was ready to go. The Walla Walla trip was over, on to the next thing. I am feeling that way about the car. I will miss it, I have had fun owning it, met some nice people, some dorky people, and got to drive a Ferrari on a race track. But, that phase is over, on to the next thing.

I was thinking about stuff I would trade the Ferrari for. There obvious and mundane, other cars, but I thought of something better. Sovereignty. That’s right, I am willing to trade my 1998 F355, resplendent in Grigio Titano for sovereignty. I have a few conditions. I would like a bit of land, preferably with a beach, a nice supply of peasants, and recognition by the United Nations. I plan on building a private racetrack around the border of my nation and will allow the royal or governing family of the nation with the vision and courage to grant me sovereignty the rights to drive fast on the track.

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