Thursday, July 10, 2008

King of Arizona

I have become spoiled by the performance of the Ferrari. To ennoble and justify my decision to purchase the Ferrari I couched what I was doing in the “pursuit of the sublime”. I lost track of this vision shortly after buying the car. Once you have bought the sublime can you pursue it further? I was reminded of the car’s grace and the beautiful way it goes down the road yesterday. Why you ask? Because I drove my Porsche. Really drove it. I have not had a chance to really hustle the Porsche down any good roads in many months and have learned quite a bit about driving in that time. Please keep in mind that I love our 911, it is a great car, but it handles like a porcelain bath tub filled with pudding set atop a half filled waterbed mattress. Well, maybe it is not that bad but for the first time I was dissatisfied with the handling of the car.

I ordered a set of track tires and talked the guys at Rothsport into installing a set of RS swaybars. Hopefully these changes plus the work I have already done to the suspension settle the car down a bit. I think I will also replace all the bushings and rubber parts in the steering assembly.

That is the stuff I set out to write about but part way through my day I began to think about the, seemingly, interconnected and affirming nature of things. Today I witnessed several people being rude, stupid, and vulgar to other people. There was no apparent reason for their actions. I wondered what effect their rudeness would have on the recipients of this poor behavior. Would the driver of the car who was flipped off by the person riding the tiny motorcycle go on to fight with their spouse or treat their children badly? Will the kids in the BMW who were tailgated by the guy in the big truck drink too much tonight and crash their car? If these events did not happen would those people’s lives be any better?

I thought about this until I was offered sovereignty in Arizona, Scottsdale to be exact.

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