Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let me clarify a bit

From a getting to push the car perspective the wine country drive was frustrating but also a nice chance to see how the Ferrari dealt with some less than perfect road surfaces. I left it in “comfort” mode for most of the drive. Comfort mode makes the car noticeable softer and seemingly better able to deal with the bumps and dips we encountered on the roads. On smoother roads I prefer the regular suspension mode.

Let me clarify why I say the drive was frustrating. First, it was a great day, wonderful roads, beautiful scenery, and a few great wineries. I would happily go again tomorrow. I would happily take the Ferrari again. The whole trip was about 80 miles driven in four chunks a perfect distance for me in the 355. My frustration stems from having this wonderful tool and not being willing to use it. No one else on the trip was able to use their cars potential either so I bet I am not alone in feeling frustrated. If there were no legal consequences for going faster would I? No, the speeds I went were safe and appropriate for the roads we were one and the purpose of the trip.

My business partner and I often talk about building a country club race track, a place where we could drive fast for a few laps then go home. I think a narrow, technical track. One with several elevation changes and off chamber turns would be more exciting and interesting to drive than a large fast track.

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