Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One week with no Ferrari

While I find it hard to believe no one, no despot, no leader of a military junta, no one has agreed to take me up on my offer to trade the Ferrari for sovereignty. I can only assume their internet access must be down at this point. Perhaps there are better ways to get in touch with world leaders.

It took me one week to get back into the car. At first I was avoiding it because we had just completed about 700 miles of road trip. Later because, having decided to sell it, I wanted to separate myself from the car. By Sunday evening I was missing driving it enough to take it on a drive with my daughter. We went to the grocery store to get pork chops. The information that we took it to the grocery store and bought pork chops is possibly totally and completely superficial to this story. What is important is that I took my daughter. I realized during most of my drives in the Ferrari I am alone. Taking Christina along, it was the second or third time she had been in the car, made the drive exponentially more enjoyable. I think it was fun for the people who saw us. How often do you see children riding in Ferraris?

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