Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To valet or not to valet...

that is the question. To be honest I feel like a bit of a loser even worrying about valet parking the car. Barb and I are going to dinner Thursday night and the restaurant we are going to is valet parking only. How fancy is that. I am sure I could park a few blocks away and walk to it but then I would be an even great loser. I am going to drive up, give the valet the keys and forget about the car. In the interim I am going to die a thousand deaths imagining all the ways the valet could beat up the car. To make matters worse my business partner told me about a Ferrari he saw being valet parked down town. The valet ran it in to the curb. It made a horrible sound.

So it turns out it is not so hard to order a new Ferrari. I had a goal of getting the car before I was 50. That time horizon is too long for this level of difficulty so I am going to shorter it. A new Ferrari, picked up at the factory, before 2010 seems a better goal. I stopped by Tonkin, talked with Steve and now have the brochure and price list to pick out a new 430.

On a totally other note I arrive home to find the new track tires for the Porsche in the garage. Looking forward to having them put on.

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