Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walla Walla Day 3

We left Walla Walla around 9:00 on Sunday morning. Again it was already hot. We spent most of the trip to Walla Walla on Interstate 84. At a steady 75 or 80MPH the motor is pretty loud, droning not screaming, and there is enough road noise to make conversation uncomfortable. For the trip back we decided to take 14, the two lane freeway on the Washington side. Traffic was sparse leaving Walla Walla. We saw no other Ferraris. I very seldom pass a car on a two lane road. Usually, I am driving my truck which is best driven cautiously and I try not to hurry when driving. Just after leaving Walla Walla we caught up to a pickup. It is amazing how fast this car will accelerate from 60 to much more than 60. Even with the air conditioner on and the windows up it was absolutely a hoot. Drop down to fourth, punch it, shift to fifth just after passing the car and then let off because you are going way too fast. I did this a bunch of times on the way home.
Highway 14 turned out to be a much nicer road than 84. Smoother pavement, more turns, and elevation changes. We went about 10 MPH slower so conversation was easier. At the B&B I had read about a full size replica of Stonehenge build above the Columbia River as a monument to those who died in World War 1. We decided to stop there.

The monument is built on a bluff overlooking the river and gorge. When we arrived there were four or five people wandering through the pillars and a fellow in the middle playing a didgeridoo. No kidding.

It was a moving and surreal experience wandering through the stone columns reading the plaques with the name, date of birth and date of death of soldiers affixed so some of the columns being serenaded by a didgeridoo.

It was not until we got to a big multi lane freeway that I began to feel tortured by the Ferrari. Tennis players get tennis elbow. I am getting Ferrari knee. Even though it tortured me for the last twenty or so miles the first thing I did when we got home was wash the car. The number of bugs sacrificed for this trip was truly amazing. For several miles we had the world’s fasted weevil hanging on to the back of one windshield wiper. It took advantage of a stop we made to take off. If weevils could dine out on stories it would have several good dinners coming.

Sitting at home that evening I realized I felt a bit let down by the trip. The car ran flawlessly for about 650 miles. No drama, no warning lights, nothing. I was prepared to have it towed back from the middle of Washington but it ran perfectly. Aside from being noisy and hot, I have yet to master the AC, it ran perfectly.

As far as I know my next big thing with the Ferrari is selling it. We have no more trips planned. I doubt I will do another track day. My time with the car is almost up. I will be sad to see it go but that’s ok.

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