Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's Next?

The moment I send out the email offering the car for sale is approaching. As I mentioned earlier I am going to offer it for sale near the end of the summer with the hope it sells more quickly and for a better price than if I sold it in December. If it fails to sell I will probably keep it until next spring unless I get a reasonable offer for it over the winter. To make myself feel better as I more frequently contemplate this process I have been mulling over what I will get next. In order of most likely here are my choices in the 0 to two year horizon.

Number One. Nothing. I will sell the Ferrari and not replace it with another exotic. After a few days of mourning its place in the garage will be occupied by Barb’s minivan. On one level I am looking forward to having fewer things to occupy my time, to simplifying my life a bit. I will have more time to focus on writing my book, riding my bike, and doing yard work.

Number Two. A 355 Challenge. This car might not arrive right away but if we, my business partner and I, end up buying a building for our company there might be enough extra space to store the Challenge car. They seem like such a bargain and I think they may be a good investment.

Number Three. A Radical R3. As with the Challenge acquiring this car depends on space to store it, maybe a bit less so as they are so small. I really enjoyed driving on the track and having a car that will perform well on the track, not take up too much space or too much money is appealing.

Number Four. An older Ferrari. I do not see myself buying a 360, 456, or 430 next. I can envision an older car.

Number Five. A 575 or 612. Probably not but I really like both cars and with the 612 I could take the girls to school.

Number Six. A Lamborghini Gallardo. I will own one of these someday but not right after the Ferrari. I would feel like a bit of a traitor.

Number Seven. A 911 TT. Same answer as the Lambo, although the 911 TT would make a great daily driver.

Here is the kicker, the big finale. Before I am 50 I am going to buy a new Ferrari. I am going to get on the list, pick out exactly what I want, order it, wait, pick it up in Italy and visit the factory. Here is something more. In between now and then I am going to get an F40, F50, or 430 Scuderia, or 360 Challenge Stradale.

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